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I teach therapists how to use a deep understanding of autism learning styles to shape their work  so that they can become more confident and effective in their interventions.

Meg Proctor, MS,  OTR/L

Occupational Therapist & Autism Specialist

Founder of Learn Play Thrive 

If you are a therapist looking to improve your autism interventions, take a look around! At Learn Play Thrive, you'll find:

  • Free ebooks, webinars, and blog posts to help you improve your clinical skills

  • Live and recorded trainings where you can learn practical, evidence-based strategies you can use right away

  • A podcast to help you dive into autism in new and inspiring ways


5 Essential Autism Strategies Every OT Should Know

Become a more effective therapist by learning these 5 strategies most OTs aren't yet using

Autism-Specific Strategies That Will Transform Your OT Practice

Ready to go deep into using an autism-lens in your work? Take 50 minutes to learn four transformative strategies

About Meg Proctor, MS, OTR/L

Do you ever feel like you're just sort of winging it at work? Like you missed some training along the way that would help you really figure out how to help your clients on the autism spectrum? I've so been there. I've been there in early intervention, clinics, and schools. I've been there as a new graduate and as a not-so-new graduate. 

As a former clinical faculty member for UNC Chapel Hill's TEACCH® Autism program, I was trained and mentored by some of the best autism therapists in the world. And while I gave trainings to teachers, psychologists, and speech therapists from all over the world, the whole time I wondered "WHERE ARE THE OTs??" 

At Learn Play Thrive, I help therapists who work on practical skills with kids on the spectrum to learn and apply the latest evidence -based autism interventions to their work. I want you to show up to work tomorrow excited to try something new.

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