Live Training on Autism & Behavior from

January 12, 4:00 - 6:00 EST



Get the concrete tools you need to start generating more relevant and effective behavioral hypotheses and interventions for your clients with autism so that you can feel confident in your expertise and make a greater impact every time

Let's Transform your work with kids with autism!

January 12, 4-6pm EST

Registration fee is $49. Everyone who registers will get the full $49 off any future enrollments in my online interventions course, The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism.

You'll have access to the replay for 4 weeks.


This training is for you if:

  • You currently work with people with autism on functional daily skills and want to be more effective in your work

  • You are tired of writing "The purpose of the behavior is to gain attention" and you want to write more relevant and useful behavioral hypotheses

  • You want concrete tools (and a workbook!) to help you shape your interventions based on how people with autism think and learn so that you can bring true expertise to your work

It's time learn a process that will help you be confident and effective in tackling autism behavior problem solving.   
In this training, you will:

- Go deep on how kids with autism think and learn based on the latest research so that you can feel confident you understand your clients' learning style way beyond the surface level

- Learn an autism specific process that will allow you to generate a robust list of hypotheses and interventions every time you sit down with a new goal so that you can stop dreading treatment planning and start approaching it with confidence

- Practice using this process together with me in this live training using cases that are relevant to your own practice so that you walk away with fresh ideas to apply right away

- Get a workbook and a process to complete together with teachers and parents so that you can feel you truly have expertise in autism behavior problem solving and so that your work can have the greatest impact possible


Meg Proctor, MS, OTR/L

Autism Specialist & Occupational Therapist

Meg is the founder of Learn Play Thrive and a former faculty member for UNC Chapel Hill's TEACCH® Autism Program. She's completed over $10,000 worth of autism training; has been mentored by some of the country's best autism specialists; and has trained teachers, therapists, and psychologists from around the world.


In this behavior problem solving mini-training, Meg has condensed some of the best of what she's learned so that you can truly tackle behavior problem solving using an autism lens.

Ready to bring true autism expertise to your team with confidence every single time?


"Fantastic training. So worthwhile. I am a Behaviour Support Practitioner and while i use a similar style of thinking to come up with hypotheses and interventions, this has provided me with a clear process that the can use myself and with parents to help them understand their children’s behaviour better. There were some great ah-ha moments in this training for me. Thanks Meg!" -  Marcia D. Developmental Educator

"Great course! Very informative and helpful when brainstorming hypotheses and interventions for behaviors. I highly recommend this course to anyone who works with children and/or adults with Autism."  - Cassidy Kanoza, OTR/L

"Meg teaches a useful process with practical tips for using the process with clients in treatment planning, as well as with parents and teachers in problem solving strategies to help a child function more acceptably in their daily routines." - Becca Golladay, OTR/L

"This course provided a new perspective to look at behaviors and helped to expand my neuro-typical way of thinking and helped to inform decisions I would make to provide treatment strategies." -  Sam S OTR/L

Why Traditional Behavior Problem Solving Doesn't Work for Kids with Autism