Expert strategies from an autism specialist and occupational therapist to help your clients thrive in therapy and in life.

3 Strategies to Help You Master Teaching Play to Kids on the Autism Spectrum

As OTs, we have an incredible opportunity to help our clients on the autism spectrum improve their play and leisure skills. We know how important play is for all kids, and many of us feel the immense responsibility of teaching play to our autistic clients when play just doesn’t come easily for them. That pressure only intensified recently with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ new statement that highlighted the endless importance of play for the development of kids. The authors highlighted that even though play is incredibly relaxing and balancing for almost all children, kids on the spectrum actually experience a spike in their stress hormones when it’s time to play. Yikes. The problem i

3 Simple Strategies to Help Your Child On the Autism Spectrum Learn at the Table

Many parents struggle to help their kids on the autism spectrum focus on learning activities. It can feel frustrating to not know how to get your child's attention and help them engage in the things you've picked out. In this video, I share three strategies that will help you feel more successful at teaching your autistic child new things. #autism #Autismandbehavior #Autismandplay #OTinNorthCarolina #occupationaltherapy #Routines #Independence

The #1 Reason OTs Feel Ineffective with Kids On the Autism Spectrum

Most OTs want so badly to make a real impact in the lives of the people we work with. We want to feel like what we are doing matters for our kids and their families, that it is effective, and that our time has been well spent. When I first started out as an OT in early intervention working with kids on the autism spectrum, I felt immense pressure to really help the families I was seeing. The parents were exhausted, confused, and out of other options. They were counting on me to help. I did the best I could, but every day I felt awful. I felt ineffective, confused, and terribly stressed. I worked all the time and felt like I accomplished nothing. The thing is, we don’t come out of school read

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