We all want to work in a way that reflects our respect for our clients and highlights their strengths. But far too often in our work with kids on the spectrum, we are surprised to find that our blind spots are huge. Our model is medical rather than social; neurodiversity is suppressed rather than celebrated; our language is outdated; our interventions are compliance-based rather than strengths-based; and we may not be contributing positively to their sense of autonomy and identity. 


It's time for a huge shift.

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Join hundreds of your colleagues in this free 5 day email challenge to find out….is your work with kids on the autism spectrum aligned with your values?

In less than 30 minutes each day you'll listen to neurodiverse voices, read research and first-hand accounts, and synthesize what you find.

On the fifth day, you’ll look back at what you’ve learned and find the places where you can shift your work so that it truly reflects your deep respect for your clients who think and learn differently.


Each day of the challenge you'll get an email with the day's reading or video and the reflection questions. Then you'll head over to the private Facebook group to share your reflections and see what insight your colleagues have shared. 

About Meg Proctor, MS, OTR/L

As a former clinical faculty member for UNC Chapel Hill's TEACCH® Autism program, I was trained and mentored by some of the best autism therapists in the world. And while I gave trainings to teachers, psychologists, and speech therapists from all over the world, the whole time I wondered "WHERE ARE THE OTs??"​

Since leaving TEACCH, my work has been increasingly informed by listening to autistic voices and applying a strengths-based approach. I love the changes this has brought to my work and am so excited to share this process with you.

At Learn Play Thrive I help therapists who work on practical skills with kids on the spectrum to learn and apply the latest evidence -based autism interventions to their work. I want you to show up to work tomorrow excited to try something new.

I can't wait to have you in the challenge.


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