The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism

CANCELED Live full-day training in Durham, NC April 24, 2020

This live multimedia training is for professionals in early intervention, schools, and clinics who want to become more effective in their autism interventions. It is appropriate for therapists and other professionals who teach functional skills such as play, self-care, and academic skills. 6.5 hours of continuing education credit will be awarded.

Without training in autism-specific interventions, you can feel ineffective and discouraged in your work. In this training, I’ll teach you the concrete skills you need to be confident and effective.




In The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism, you'll learn:

  • AUTISM & BEHAVIOR: A STRENGTHS-BASED APPROACH. Never again write generic interventions that just don't work. First you'll go deep into autism learning styles based on the latest research. This will help you move past outdated or piecemeal ideas about autism and feel confident in your expertise. Then, with this foundation, you'll learn a concrete process that will allow you to generate relevant, effective, and strengths-based interventions every time.

  • THERAPY PROCESS. Get past feeling "stuck" and not knowing where to start with helping your clients meet their goals. Learn how to use informal assessment, individualized structure, visual instructions, and evidence-based autism teaching strategies to guide your therapy process from assessment through goal mastery and generalization. 

  • MAKING SCHEDULES. Stop wasting your limited time making schedules that your clients don't understand or use. You'll learn how to create truly individualized schedules that will reduce transition battles and increase flexibility.

  • VISUAL TO-DO LISTS + SELF-CARE SKILLS.  Move beyond giving constant redirections and reminders that leave you feeling ineffective and make your clients frustrated and confused.  You'll master a method for creating visual to-do-lists that even your most concrete (or youngest) clients will understand. These visual to-do lists will keep your kids at the table for learning, increase independence in self-care skills, and provide new opportunities for social engagement and play.

  • PLAY & LEISURE. You know play and leisure are so important, but you often feel feel stuck knowing where to start or how to really teach your clients to play. Learn a fun, effective process for assessing and teaching play and leisure skills that blends structure with naturalistic strategies.

  • COMMUNITY INTEGRATION. Get past your fears of moving your intervention to the community, where real life happens! Learn exactly how to bring it all together and help your clients succeed out in the community.


You’ll learn how to confidently help your clients meet their goals without ever using rewards or consequences in your practice. It’s all about understanding autism learning styles and shaping our interventions in a way that will be meaningful.

This course is actionable and concrete. You'll develop intervention plans you can apply in your practice right away.



Check out my online training:

Meg Proctor, MS, OTR/L

Autism Specialist &

Occupational Therapist

About Meg Proctor, MS, OTR/L

I started my career as an OT in early intervention with huge expectations, a serious case of perfectionism, and not enough training to really help the kids I was seeing.  Have you been there? It did not feel good.

Years later, after working my way through different settings and receiving a faculty appointment for UNC Chapel Hill's TEACCH® Autism program, I underwent months and months of extensive training in autism interventions and trained teachers, psychologists, and the occasional therapist from around the world in effective autism interventions for functional life skills. I looked back on those years of practice and cataloged the things I wished so badly I had known before. At every training I wondered, "Where on earth are the OTs? WE need this training!"

As the founder of Learn Play Thrive, P.L..L.C. I've continued to hone my clinical skills and find new ways to teach the therapists who want to do better work with their clients with autism. The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism is what I wished I had known all those year ago in early intervention, in school-based practice, and in the clinic.  It is a synthesis of what I've learned from working with hundreds of kids, mentoring OT students, coaching practicing therapists, and spending years studying autism learning styles.


I feel confident that it will change your practice.

The LPT Approach to Autism is for you if:

  • You currently work with autistic kids (please note this is the current preferred terminology in the autistic community!) on functional daily skills* 

  • You feel bored and ineffective using the same interventions over and over again

  • You feel guilty sending the kids back to class or back home knowing that you weren't as effective as you could have been

  • You want to feel confident in shaping your interventions based on autism learning styles

*This course is not well suited for therapists who work exclusively with very verbal adolescents

NEW FOR 2020: Parent / Teacher Handouts!

Understanding the content is one thing but supporting your parents and teachers can be a whole different job! I've got you there too. Now you'll get a digital catalog of handouts to explain the most important topics to your clients' caregivers.

Full Course Objectives


Learn how to confidently and clearly problem solve challenging behaviors

  • Understand how autistic people think and learn

  • Learn and apply the behavior problem solving process to develop hypotheses and interventions based on autism learning styles

  • Apply this process to your own case study



Get un-stuck and become more effective in your therapy process

  • Learn how to use informal assessment to guide your intervention process

  • Learn how to use visual instructions at an appropriate level for your client’s learning style (object, photograph, symbolic picture, picture & word, written)

  • Learn how to use structure in your learning activities to improve engagement and independence in your learning activities

  • Learn how to restructure your tasks based on ongoing informal assessment

  • Learn how to expand for flexibility and generalizing after task is mastered



Stop wasting time making schedules that just don't work

  • Use the behavior problem solving process and autism learning styles to identify why transitions may be hard for your autistic clients

  • Learn how to assess what type of schedule (object, photograph, symbolic picture, picture & word, written) to make for an individual client

  • Identify different ways your clients can use their schedule

  • Explore specific strategies for using a schedule to promote flexibility



Get your kids' engagement so that you can confidently teach

  • Identify why autistic kids may struggle with adult-directed activities

  • Learn how to develop an individualized visual to-do list for the table

  • Learn how to translate visual to-do lists to self-care routines

  • Apply this process to your own case study



Get crystal clear on how to teach this essential and challenging skill

  • Identify importance of play and leisure autistic kids

  • Use the behavior problem solving process to identify common barriers to play and leisure for autistic kids

  • Learn specific strategies for assessing and teaching social play using structure and naturalistic strategies

  • Learn specific strategies for assessing and teaching play skills using structure and naturalistic strategies

  • Apply strategies to develop a goal and intervention for your own client



Ditch your fears of taking intervention out into the real world

  • Synthesize and apply your knowledge across all modules to create effective intervention plans for clients going out into the community

  • Learn how to use this process to increase community engagement for your own clients

Frequently asked questions

What types of professionals is this course appropriate for?

This course is developed for occupational therapists, but is appropriate for any professional working on real daily skills with kids with autism. This is not a course for parents of kids with autism who are not also professionals. This course is targeted at the intermediate level.

What ages does this course apply to?

In each module I help you tailor the interventions to your client's age and developmental level. This course is appropriate for professional working with kids from early intervention through adolescence.

What is the teaching methodology?

This live training includes lecture, slides, videos, case studies, and interactive learning activities.

Is this course pre-approved for CEUs?

Most states do not require pre-approval for CEUs. My home-state, NC, neither provides nor requires pre-approval. When you complete the course you will get a personalized certificate showing that you completed 6.5 contact hours. Review your state board to see if it meets your licensure requirements.

I have another question; how can I contact you?

You can email me at

What is the cancellation policy?

If for any reason the course is canceled by the provider, participants will receive a full refund or the option to enroll in the online self-study version of this course. If a participant cancels, they will have the option of tranferring their registration to another leraner or moving into the online self-study course.

Sometimes in your work you feel like you're trying the same ineffective strategies over and over. This takes a huge hit on your confidence. But with The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism you will reclaim your enthusiasm and show up more equipped to help your clients who think and learn differently.

Canceled due to Covid 19