Mini-Training on Teaching Play to Kids with Autism

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Learn a fun, effective process for assessing and teaching play skills, leisure skills, and social play skills that blends structure with naturalistic strategies based on the latest research evidence.

This training is for you if:

  • You currently work with children with autism of any age and want to feel more effective at teaching play skills, social play skills, and/or leisure skills

  • You want concrete tools (and a workbook!) to help you shape your interventions based on how people with autism think and learn so that you can bring true expertise to your work

  • You are not already enrolled in The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism


2 hour recorded training

One month's access

Registration fee is $56. Everyone who registers will get the full $56 off* any future enrollments in my online or live interventions course, The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism, as the play content is also included in the full course.

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It's time learn a process that will help you be confident and effective in teaching kids with autism to play.  
In this training, you will:

- Learn autism-specific reasons why your clients with autism struggle to play based on an in-depth understanding of autism learning styles so that you can stop guessing about what's going on and start feeling like a true expert

- Get clear on the difference between social play skills and  play and leisure skills, and learn why this matters for you to develop an effective therapy process

- Learn concrete strategies to help you assess present levels for play and social play skills so you can figure out exactly where to start every time

- Get a process for teaching play and social play skills based on the latest evidence, seamlessly blending visual instructions, structure, and naturalistic strategies so that you can confidently and effectively teach your clients to play and connect


Meg Proctor, MS, OTR/L

Autism Specialist & Occupational Therapist

Meg is the founder of Learn Play Thrive and a former faculty member for UNC Chapel Hill's TEACCH® Autism Program. She's completed over $10,000 worth of autism training; has been mentored by some of the country's best autism specialists; and has trained teachers, therapists, and psychologists from around the world.


In this mini-training, on play Meg has condensed some of the best of what she's learned so that you can  effectively teach play using an autism lens.

Ready to bring true autism expertise to your kids with confidence every single time?


"As a pediatric occupational therapist, I know how foundational play skills are, and how many kiddos with ASD struggle with them. While I have read numerous amounts of studies and research on the topic, I felt like I was always missing the treatment intervention piece. Now, instead of feeling anxious about this, I feel much more able to see where a kid is currently functioning, and how I can build off of their already mastered skills. This training is great for anyone teaching play, to any age, at any developmental level" - Duke Peltier, OTRL

"Meg has taken a huge amount of research, knowledge and experience and condensed it into a course that is accessible, practical and just makes sense. I highly recommend this course to any OT working with young people with autism. You will not only walk away with explicit strategies and interventions but also a much deeper and useful understanding of autism learning styles and how this informs our practice. " - Christine Bagnall, OT (Australia)

"I cannot express enough how fervently I feel about practitioners starting this course and their ability to feel confident in working with individuals with autism!" - Stephanie Kovaks, OTR/L (Illinois)

This was a really thorough course that went through all the basics of teaching social play to kids with autism. Would definitely recommend it to others looking to improve their practice! Stephanie Clements (MOT, USYD)

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