Learn Play Thrive offers full scholarships for the online training, The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism, to professionals working with kids with autism in under-resourced countries.


One scholarship is offered each enrollment period. Email to inquire.

Meet Our Past Scholarship Recipients

Lungile Mathabela is a practicing occupational therapists the kingdom of Eswatini formerly known as Swaziland. She studied at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and has 14 years of experience both in the public sector and private sector working with children with developmental disabilities. As autism diagnoses increase in ESwatini, Lunglie has been developing a specialty in working with these children.

Archana Raman is an occupational therapist in Tamilnadu India. She has worked as an OT since 2000 and has taught in university hospitals and supervised fieldwork students. Archana works with kids with auitsm at a private clinic. Archana is excited to learn the Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism to expand her methodology beyond sensory integration. 

Adrina Simengwa studied rehabilitation in Malawi, and works on a multi-disciplinary team with OTs, speech therapist, and special needs teachers.  She has had a strong interest in helping individuals with disabilities develop independence in their daily living skills and increase their participation in community activities since she was very young. Adrina is always looking to improve her clinical skills, she reports, “as there are only 10 Occupational Therapists functioning in Malawi, servicing a population of approximately 14 million people.”

“I will be driven to share my knowledge with my fellow health workers and caregivers through capacity development, community partnership and training and education and to support and empower people living and caring for those with autism in Malawi.” - Adrina Simengwa

Oduola Barakat Umma Muhammad is an occupational therapist working in Nigeria. Photo and bio coming soon!

Deidre Karfor is an occupational therapist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She works at a community health centre in Motherwell which is in one of the largest poverty stricken areas in Port Elizabeth. Deidre provides support groups for parents with children with autism as well as general awareness and  education about autism. Diedre writes, "The training that I have received  is very theoretically based which is often difficult to carry over in actual treatment. I am hoping that this Training could assist me In carrying over more practical strategies in order to assist both parents and children. I am hoping that this training can enable me to gain more knowledge and strategies  so I can empower the parents to start and establish their own stimulation centre's and even maybe schools." 

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