Teaching Play to Kids on the Autism Spectrum (video series)

Last week in the Early Intervention Occupational Therapists group on Facebook, I did a four part series on teaching play to kids on the autism spectrum. Check out the replays below to get some tips you can use right away in your work.

Part 1: Why playing is hard for kids on the autism spectrum

In this video, I review what we know about autism learning styles, and discuss how it relates to the trouble many kids have with learning to play.

Part 2: Social play versus play skills

In this video, I talk about the difference between assessing and teaching social play and play skills, and why understanding the difference can make you more effective in your work.

Part 3: Using naturalistic strategies and structure

In this video, I discuss two effective strategies for teaching kids on the spectrum to play, and how you can blend them into an effective intervention.

Part 4: Generalizing and flexibility

In this final video, I talk about how to help our autistic kids use their new play skills flexibly and how to generalize them into their daily lives.

To learn my full process for assessing and teaching play, check out The Learn Play Thrive Approach to Autism!

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