Two Sides of the Spectrum Podcast

Episode Transcripts

Episode 23

Pathological Demand Avoidance and the Drive for Autonomy with Harry Thompson

Episode 22

Authenticity & Gender Expression with Christa Holmans, The Neurodivergent Rebel

Episode 1

Respecting Autistic Voices with Sarah Selvaggi Hernandez (The Autistic OT)

Episode 2

The Double Empathy Problem with Dr. Damian Milton

Episode 4

A Strengths-Based Approach to Autism Interventions with Dr. Kristie Patten

Episode 3

Dismantling Racism & Ableism with Lydia X. Z. Brown

Episode 5

Why OT Must Be Different From ABA with Greg Santucci, OTR/L

Episode 6


Episode 7

A Different Approach to Self Regulation with Autism Level Up

Episode 8

Fostering Emotional Well-Being in Our Sessions for Our Clients and Ourselves 

Episode 9

The Power of Presuming Competence with Non-speaking AAC User Ido 

Episode 10

Transforming the Parent Experience with Jen Schonger

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